Oregon Paranormal


Audio/Visual Monitoring

REOLINK HD 8 channel PoE surveillance system 

This system offers us the capability of monitoring video and audio from 8 separate areas at a single location with crisp HD quality even in total darkness. 

Wide Spectrum 720p HD Video Camera Conversion

Description provided by www.ghosthuntingcamera.com

A modified HD compact video camera for Ghost Hunting applications. Converted to capture images with Infrared (IR) light as well as waves of Ultraviolet (UV) and the visible spectrum. Spirits have been photographed lurking within the invisible waves of light. These light waves (IR and UV)  are not visible to the human eye.

Sony DCR-SR40/DCR-SX84 IR and non IR capable 

Our hand held IR digital video cameras are very important during an investigation. Whether they're stationary or on being used by an investigator, the opportunity for  catching evidence is always there.

Full Spectrum Canon T3i 18 MP DSLR 

A modified DSLR camera for paranormal research applications. Converted to capture images with Infrared (IR) light as well as well as Ultraviolet (UV) and  visible light spectrums. It is theorized that visual spirit manifestations may reside   within the invisible waves of light. These light waves (IR and UV)  are not visible to the human eye.

Digital Still Cameras

Digital still cameras are a must in this field. We take photos in 3 to 5 shot bursts, in a typical night we may take anywhere from 1,000 - 1,500 photos. The opportunity for evidence is always there, you never know what you'll find during evidence review. 

ZOOM H5 4 Track Recorder

The  H5 gives us everything we need to capture the highest quality audio. It comes with a detachable stereo X/Y microphone and utilizes a system of interchangeable input capsules that allow us to choose the best mic for every situation. The design of the XYH-5 microphone also allows us to handle louder sounds than most digital audio recorders: 140 dB SPL, to be precise—equivalent to the sound of a jet aircraft from less than 200 feet away—enabling us to capture sounds louder, closer, and cleaner than we ever could before. The four track record feature gives us the freedom to conduct controlled audio sessions using both condenser and dynamic range microphones simultaneously.


This recorder features built-in adjustable condenser microphones, allowing us to choose an X/Y or A/B recording pattern to meet the needs of your environment and application. A built-in limiter and switchable low cut filter reduce peaks and rumble for cleaner recordings. There are a pair of Neutrik combo inputs that accept XLR and 1/4" connections for terrific flexibility. Built-in mic preamps provide phantom power so we can use external condenser mics. A 3.5mm headphone/line output allows us to connect additional equipment such as headphones or small speakers. The high-speed USB 2.0 port allows you to transfer our recordings to a laptop for onsite analysis.

H2 ZOOM Digital Studio Recorder

Recording an exceptionally realistic stereo image can be a challenge with a conventional mic pair. The H2 has dual X/Y configured stereo mics facing front and rear. This is ideal for capturing a wide and contiguous stereo image. There are two sets of mics - one pair facing the front and one pair facing the rear - allowing us to record at 90° from the front or 120° from the rear. We can even use both mics to produce a four-channel recording with 360° coverage. After recording, the built-in 3D panning function gives us full control over the front/rear/left/right balance.

Software and Analysis

Laptop Computer

Utilizing Laptops during investigations give us the opportunity to review audio and video while on site. We can also connect a camera and monitor another room if we can't cover it with our surveillance system. 

 IOS and Android Tablet Computers

The tablet give us the opportunity to visually monitor a rooms sound frequencies in real time during evp sessions. The tablet also allows us to monitor the DVR cameras wirelessly from where ever we are in the location without having to be at our base of operations.

Temperature & Humidity USB Data Logger THL2

We implement the use data loggers during investigations which measure temperature and humidity fluctuations throughout the night. This particular unit is capable of taking environmental snapshots in 2 second intervals and can be ran for up to 24hrs. The data is later downloaded and analyzed through specialized software.

Adobe Audition

Audition is a powerful software program we use when analyzing our audio files. If we find a possible EVP during the analysis process, we can isolate, clip, clean and adjust the decibel levels on the potential file as needed.

Quick Time Pro

QTP is used when we're analyzing our video footage from our handheld or stationary cameras. Its a very user friendly program, that allows us to clip the footage we need with no hassles.

Enviormental Data Tools


description provided by  http://www.pro-measure.com

What makes the Mel-8704R-500 Model so uniquely different from all other EMF meters is that in addition to detecting AC/DC EMF fluctuations and ambient temperature changes, it has a special REM and ATDD feature. REM stands for Radiating EM Field. The Ambient Temperature Deviation Detection (ATDD) monitors Hot & Cold spot changes and converts the changes into an Audible Alarm using a One Octave step for each degree change, thus allowing your ears and others to easily discern each degree change. When the REM circuit is activated, an independent discreet EM field is created around a mini telescopic antenna. The REM field can ONLY be influenced by materials and objects with high electron mobility (many free electrons) in other words conductive properties.


This is Mel meter is another  great tool to use in the field because it not only measures the EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) and ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) but it also provides us with a real time temperature reading of the ambient air around us. This helps us monitor cold/hot spots and also track down drafty doors and windows. Both of these MEL models also have a record feature which allow us to see the highest and lowest numbers for EMF/ELF and temperature readouts.


In addition to detecting AC/DC EMF & ambient Temperature changes in the environment, this device also uses a mini telescopic antenna to radiate its own independent Magnetic Field around the instrument. This EM field can be easily influenced by materials and objects that conduct electricity. Based on source proximity, strength and EM field distortion...(4) Multi-Colored LED lights can be activated in any order or combination. This device also includes our popular SDD Shadow Detection Audible Alarm circuit. 

TriField Natural EM Meter

The TriField Natural EM Meter was designed to do field measurements for special research. It detects changes in extremely weak static (DC or "natural") electric and magnetic fields, and signals with both a tone and the movement of a needle-type gauge if either the electric or magnetic field changes from previous levels. A radio and microwave detector is also included, which reads radio power directly. Because man-made AC electric and magnetic fields are very common and could interfere with readings of static fields, the meter has been designed to ignore AC fields. Normal construction materials don't block magnetic fields, so the meter can be placed indoors and will work equally well, and due to the built-in tone, it can be used in the dark, and will sound the tone at whatever level of field the user sets.

Lutron EMF Field Tester

 This device is a very simplified meter that also allows us to measure and detect EMF (Electro Magnetic Field). This tool helps determine whether the fields are man made, naturally occurring or last case senario paranormal.

RAMSEY TFM3 Tri-Field Meter

The TFM3C has three separate field sensors that are user selectable to provide a really cool readout on two highly graphical LED bargraphs! Utilizing the latest technology, including Hall Effect sensors. We use this to detect radiation from unshielded wiring, electrical discharges from appliances, RF emissions from unknown or hidden transmitters and other RF sources.

IR Thermometer

The IR thermometer helps us read surface temperatures. So for example if we see a depression on a bed or a rocking chair rocking, we can check the surface for cold or hot spots. This is also great for detecting drafty doors, windows, heating and air ducts.

Lighting and Motion Detection

Laser Grid 

This high powered laser emits a constant uninterupted grid of green dots useful for detecting shadows or general visual disturbances during an investigation. Set it in front of a running camera to catch potential evidence. We can also adjust the size and shape of the stars by turning the adjustable lens. Detach the lens and it will function as a high powered laser pointer viewable for 8 miles!

Sima IR Lights

Sima IR lights give our handheld cameras an extra boost of infrared lighting. Our older models have been modified with external battery boxes to give the lights a longer life during investigations. Our newer models have an improved battery life thanks to the manufacturer, and did not have to be modified. 

Phantom IR Lights

When we're not using the Simas we're using the Phantom lights. They also provide our handheld cameras with that extra boost in Infrared lighting. These also have a great battery life which is imperative during long nighttime investigations.

Phantom Full Spectrum Light

This Full Spectrum light is used in conjunction with our full spectrum camera. It is outfitted with Infrared, Red, Blue, Green, and Ultravoilet LEDs for true full spectrum illumination. No white or clear light are emitted from them helping to maintain a low light room while investigating.

IR Spot Lights

These are the Infrared equivalent to a very powerful halogen flood lamp. The only difference is these give off light you can't see with your eyes. This gives our cameras the ability to see in total darkness. These lights are implemented when our hand held cameras are on stationary tripods

SkyLink IR Motion Sensors

We employ motion sensors on most our case's in areas where full bodied apparitions, and shadow figures have been seen, as well as where objects have been known to move. These are also used in conjunction with our trigger objects. They have a 40 ft range and come equipped with a 95 db alarm that sounds when the motion field is disturbed.

Safety and Communications 

First Aid Kits

The safety of our team members during investigations is our number one priority. Because certain locations offer the potential  of  safety hazards, First aid kits, and masks  are always on hand 

Walkie Talkies

 Walkie talkies are imperative in this field, they keep us in contact with our team members and can be very crucial in the case of an emergency or to notify team members of a particularly active area .


About 80% of our investigations are in pure darkness, so flash lights are our best friends. We prefer to use LED flashlights over standard bulb flashlights because they give off a softer more consistent light and are easier on battery consumption.

Trigger Props

Trigger Objects

The use of trigger objects has been a fundamental part of paranormal research for decades. In our research, we use trigger objects in order to elicit a response from an entity by introducing a familiar item or items into their surroundings. The response that we look for can be anything from an audible interaction (via the EVP process or a disembodied voice or sound)  to a visual interaction (by manifestations around the object) to actual physical movement of the object.

The objects  we use during our investigations are based on what we know historically about the location and also what the claims of activity are. These triggers can range from such physical objects as toys, stuffed animals, and candy, to audible triggers, such as a particular type of music, speech, or a piece of poetry. This list of course is only a fraction of  what can be used, and since paranormal research is still in its infancy, the use of trigger objects will continue to evolve until we truly understand these phenomena and why they occur.