Oregon Paranormal

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In 2009 Scott Riedel and Casey Goodwin set out to form a group which focused on researching paranormal claims throughout the Pacific Northwest. Since then, Oregon Paranormal has made a name for itself as a highly respected group among not only the paranormal community but also by the people we’ve helped along the way.

There are a few things to consider before looking into joining our team.

  • Oregon Paranormal is an all-volunteer organization; its members internally fund our team and research. There is an $80.00 annual members fee, which is broken up into two $40.00 payments due every six months. Member dues are applied to the purchase and maintenance of new and old equipment, gas to/from locations, batteries, domain name services, maintaining an active online presence through our website, and data storage, just to name a few. Any equipment purchased with member dues becomes the property of Oregon Paranormal. However, any equipment purchased with your own personal money and not with membership dues is your property and not that of Oregon Paranormal.

  • What is your motivation behind the decision to join a team? If you are looking for a group of thrill seekers…. we are NOT the group for you. If you are willing to expand your knowledge of this field through deductive and analytical reasoning using an unbiased approach and a desire to help others, then by all means proceed to the next section.

Below is a list of guidelines that all current and future members MUST adhere to. These guidelines are essential to the success and safety of our members as well as new and existing clients.

  • In order to maintain active membership status within our group, member dues MUST be paid on time every six months.

  • Members must be able to attend monthly meetings

  • Members must have a reliable form of transportation to and from investigation sites. In certain instances carpools may be set up to ease parking congestion at investigation sites.

  • Every member is expected to adhere to all investigative protocols set forth by its founding members.

  • All members must be 21 or older.

  • Must maintain a high level of professionalism

  • Members must be willing to learn new investigative techniques and employ those techniques in the field when needed.

  • Every member is expected to work independently as well as with others without question.

  • Attention to detail is a MUST.

  • Common sense 

  • All media engagements are to be handled/cleared by Oregon Paranormal founders. Examples would include television, radio, digital (podcast and or satellite) lectures, conferences  and print media outlets.

  • Members are never to jump to conclusions. We must first assess a situation as a team and weigh ALL the options. Not adhering to this can be very detrimental to a case and can break the trust, not to mention the well being, of our clients.

  • Members must be willing to take direction and stay on task.

  • Members must be willing to volunteer at events and conventions as a representative of Oregon Paranormal.

  • Members must show a willingness to take on any facet of the investigative, research and analysis process.

  • Timely and accurate set up and break down of investigative equipment is essential to keeping our scheduled operations on task.

  • Every member is expected to have and maintain a working knowledge of all equipment and software being used during the investigation and analysis process. Equipment and software training is provided by O.P.

  • Consumption of alcohol directly before and/or during an investigation is grounds for immediate dismissal from the organization.

  • The use of illegal substances is strictly prohibited and is grounds for immediate dismissal from the organization.

  • Taking into consideration that some people suffer from moderate to severe smoke allergies. Smoking cigarettes’ before and during investigations is strictly prohibited.

  • Email correspondence is a big part of our communications process so a timely response to messages is expected.
Members must have no prior criminal record

If you believe you meet these criteria then we’d love to hear from you. Be sure to check this page from time to time and on our Facebook page for open positions. Thank you for your interest in Oregon Paranormal.

Terms for Suspension & Dismissal 

  • Drug or alcohol use before or during a case study

  • Any level of fraud and or hoaxing

  • Theft

  • Sexual Harassment

  •   Para Drama (Yes! its a thing) and wont be tolerated on tolerated on any level.