Oregon Paranormal


Code Of Conduct:

Each member of our team is expected to conduct themselves in a professional and respectful manner in regards to our clients, their home, business, land or historical site. Alcohol and drug use by any of our members is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated. Smoking is not permitted during investigations as it may contaminate evidence and out of respect for clients, who may have an allergy to cigarette smoke . 

Our Process:

The process begins with you, the client. A phone call, email or digital investigation request form found here on the website let's us know that you are interested in an investigation. Once this step has been made, the information is forwarded to Oregon Paranormal?s Co-Founders Scott and Casey.  A Co-founder will then contact you via phone or email, where we will ask you a little more about the activity you are experiencing. During our communication we will also attempt to coordinate an in person consultation, where a more extensive interview process will take place. This will give us a better idea of what type of activity you are experiencing.  Once the interview concludes, the client will take us on a tour of the property, highlighting areas where most of the activity has been experienced. After the tour has been completed, an investigation date will be set. All case?s are 100% confidential unless otherwise noted by the client, and all consultations and investigations are 100% free of charge. 

Prior to the Investigation:

It is our belief that maintaining a controlled environment during an investigation helps reduce the possibility of evidence contamination. That being said, we ask that all pets be removed from the property during the investigation, unless they are directly linked to the activity being experienced. We ask that friends, family members, co-workers and/or employees have a pre-arranged place to stay for the duration of the investigation. However, one or two representatives for the family or business owner may be present during the investigation if they so choose.   

The Investigation:

An investigation will typically last about 8 to 10 hours, which includes set up, and break down of all our equipment. When our team arrives at the location, we will begin to set up equipment based on the notes that were taken during the original walkthrough.  After our equipment is set up, and all camera angles have been approved, we will go lights out. The investigation usually begins between 9 and 10pm and will conclude around 4am. During the investigation we will use EMF, MEL, and Tri-field meters to measure man-made, naturally occurring, and anomalous electro-magnetic fields throughout the location as well as monitoring the ambient air and surface temperatures.  These devices will be monitored the entire night and our researchers will make note of any changes on these devices. We will also conduct EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) sessions where we attempt to record ghost or spirit voices which can be imprinted on audio device at a very low frequency. These types of voices and responses cannot be heard in real time by the human ear.  Most audio data will be analyzed on site while other researchers are in the location. REM pods and motion sensors will also be deployed through out the location. These are used to monitor motion as well as disturbances to the electromagnetic fields. These devises will trip a series of lights and sounds to indicate changes in the  environment. Along with running a multi-camera surveillance system we use hand held video cameras. We also employ the use of still-photo digital cameras of all types and will take numerous photos throughout the night. After the investigation is complete, we will review all the data collected during the investigation.  This process usually takes 2 to 3 weeks, but can take longer depending on the amount data collected. Once we've analyzed all the data, we will schedule a follow-up with the client and present them with the results of the investigation. Because hauntings do not always perform on command, we can never guarantee the evidence of a haunting with only one night's worth of investigating. That being said, some case's could warrant multiple investigations over time. Our ultimate goals are to help people find answers as to why this is happening and come up with solutions and/or possibly resolve situations as well as educate the public about the paranormal. We hope to help clear up any misconceptions that may arise.